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Do you know anyone who just LOVES to GOSSIP? Have you ever thought about the impact this has on you and your loved ones?

Gossiping is known to be toxic especially when it is done with bad intentions. Being near people who gossip frequently will not do you any good, so what steps can you take to ensure you live a positive life free from all the gossipmongers?

1. When you feel that someone is trying to personally attack a person, you can decide

to change the topic or cut the discussion immediately.

Don't be afraid to shut them off! It is vital that you remain in control of the conversation

to stop the situation from getting worse.

2. Harmful gossip can have a huge impact on your mental health too.

To avoid all the stress and anxiety that negative gossip brings, simply walk away. If you feel that the gossiper is always making you feel uneasy,it's time to cut them out of your life for good.

The next time you're near a gossipmonger - be alert and stop them at once! This is key in order for you to maintain good mental health!

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