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NEW RELEASE: Exclusive Promo Code 

Calling all fans of our Creamy Tubee.

We have some GOOD NEWS!


Visit our online store for exciting offers. Now, with online purchase of any bundle packages along with the Creamy Tubee package in our store, apply promo code "JUSTFORYOU" at checkout. This gets you x12 FREE Creamy Tubee packs! 


Promo Code Terms & Conditions: 


  1. Purchase our Creamy Tubee as a standalone item or together with other products within a bundle

  2. At the checkout page, change the Creamy Tubee item quantity (i.e. If you are ordering 12 packs, kindly increase the quantity to 2. This will allow you to redeem x12 FREE Creamy Tubee packs). 

  3. Enter the promo code "JUSTFORYOU" and click Apply

  4. Your order will be adjusted accordingly. 


Don't miss your chance to enjoy this promotion! What's more, we offer FREE SHIPPING with no minimum spend too! 


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Little Keefy's Channel

Little Keefy's Channel

Keefy v Dinosaur Game


Keefy v Dinosaur is a game created and owned by Maple Finest Pte Ltd. It portrays the courage and love one needs to overcome all adversities in life.


In this game, Little Keefy has to embark on a dangerous journey to battle the Angry Dinosaurs with only one goal in mind, to rescue Princess Lovefy. Little Keefy hopes to honour a promise made to his King and to protect the princess's love. Now Little Keefy cannot battle alone, he really needs you to help him fight together as one united brave-heart, battling against all odds to save his only love.


Little Keefy needs to travel to Angry Dinosaur Island. Little Keefy will be equipped with his favourite biscuits 'Pillow Puff' as bullets to take down every Angry Dinosaur who stands in his way and will consume his energy Candyfloss to re-spawn at any place in the battle when he is hurt. There are 3 stages to reach Castle Dinosaur, and all stages are fought differently.

Little Keefy and Princess Lovefy

Will Little Keefy finally save his Princess? Your intelligence, courage and bravery will help him succeed. That's the Keefy's spirit.

Download Keefy V Dinosaur 

Available in the Google Play Store & AppStore


Download Little Keefy's very own emojis a.k.a Keefimojis! 

Original Pack

Little Keefy's Keefimoji Original Pack

Christmas-themed Pack

Little Keefy's Keefimoji Christmas Pack


Delivery Truck

Free Shipping on all orders!

No minimum order required! 


on all orders, when you

purchase from our online shop!


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Little Keefy is thrilled to announce that we're expanding! We're bringing some AWESOME items that you'd fall in love with... Want to know more? 

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Romantic Gift

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