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If you're looking to boost your mental health, YOU CAN do this EASILY with… FOOD! 🥑 That's right - there are actually 'brain foods' that play a significant role in improving your focus, memory and overall mental health.

Here are a few that'll surprise you…

1. Although avocadoes contain high fat content, these heart-healthy fruits are incredibly rich in magnesium and vitamins. Due to this, consumption of avocadoes can help promote blood flow and brain health!

2. Salmon contains omega-3 fats and is considered to be a super brain food! Eat this fatty fish twice per week and you can gain better brainpower!

3. If you're fan of chocolates - you're gonna love this! Did you know that eating 'dark chocolate' is believed to increase blood as well as oxygen flow to the brain?

To begin with, dark chocolate contains less sugar in comparison to other types of chocolate. Packed with flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants, this brain-boosting food is believed to not only enhance one's memory but also improve your mood and immune system. 🤩

These are just a some brain foods, but the list goes on… There are so many 'superfoods' out there that you must incorporate into your diet in order to keep your body and mind strong! 💪

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