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Ever thought of saving energy by using natural light in your home? 🤔

This is called 'daylighting'. So, what is daylighting and how can this help us and the environment? Read on to find out more... 👀

'Daylighting' refers to the use of natural lighting methods to ensure

high energy savings. Wondering how to make use of this daylighting option?

1. If you're always trying to save money on your electricity bill, brighten up

your home with simple sunlight.

2. Fill your home with natural light by opening the curtains frequently.

3. Decorate your house with mirrors. Since mirrors reflect light, this is a good way

to let more light into your home.

4. If your walls are dark-coloured, it's time to paint them using a lighter colour.

Why? As opposed to light colours which reflect natural light,

dark ones actually absorb it.

Natural light bring so many benefits from lowering energy costs, improving

one's alertness, mood and productivity. ☀️

Now you know about the advantages… will you be choosing natural light? 😄

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