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Do you cook at home? If so, how often? 🧐

Cooking food at home gives you the opportunity to produce reduced food wastage

and consume much less energy. 💡

You'll also be able to have better control over the ingredients used in your food. Want to know how cooking at home can help the environment? Read on! 👀

1. Food service establishments are generally known to generate increased food waste. Additionally, a restaurant's commercial kitchen uses much more energy in comparison to the small stoves that we have in our home kitchen.

If we all make an effort to cook at home on a frequent basis, the impact on the environment would be lesser.

2. Instead of eating out, you can prepare a home-cooked meal and play a crucial role

in reducing food and package waste!

By cooking meals at home, you can avoid using packaging and single-use products

including plastic straws, plates and napkins.

This is something to think about especially when it comes to protecting our planet!

Cooking at home is one easy way we can all adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle… 🙌

Will you be cooking often from now on? 👍

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