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Have you heard about GREEN CLEANING? If you haven't, do read on and find out how you can protect the environment and yourself by

adopting a non-toxic cleaning approach! 👇

1. Most of the household cleaning products that we see and use usually have labels

that read Warning or Toxic… and this is clearly a bad sign. Did you know that cleaning chemicals have a connection with health problems like cancer and asthma? 😔

2. To protect your health and Earth, the best possible step you can take right now

is to make the switch to green cleaning products. 🌎

Make use of ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, olive oil and see the difference. By doing this, you breathe with ease and avoid harming your loved ones. 🥰

Also, you will be playing a major role

in helping the environment i.e. non-toxic production of cleaning products

made with biodegradable ingredients.

Now that you know about the devastating effects that harmful cleaning products can bring, will you be making the switch to GREEN CLEANING? 😁👍

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