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The people who live so close to us are our neighbours and this is an important time o spread some kindness to them! ☺️

Here's how you can be a KIND NEIGHBOUR:

1. Whenever you see your neighbour, make an effort to say HI, or greet them by waving. 👋

2. Is your neighbour living on his/her own? Are they old and vulnerable? Check on them frequently… 👀 Let your neighbour know that they have someone to talk to! 🗣

3. You'll never know how your neighbours are feeling, if you don't communicate with them… Why not strike a conversation or pass a note through their door to find out if they need any extra support or facing any difficulty? 😃

Many of us may be going through a great deal of pandemic-related stress and this is totally understandable… We should however, learn to take one step back and rise above these tough times TOGETHER!

Let's look out for each other by spreading some LOVE and KINDNESS!! 🥰

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