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We can all show kindness in many different ways! However, there are some situations which we often take for granted… 👇

Here's how:

1. After getting on a bus, have you ever stopped to acknowledge the driver?

By saying hello or nodding your head, you are not only acknowledging bus drivers but making their day too! The next time you use public transport, greet the driver… Give them the credit they deserve!

2. Heard loud conversations while on public transport? We've all been through this…

Don't be this inconsiderate person! Try to refrain from talking loudly when on public transport - this is one way you can practice kindness!

3. Give up your seat to someone who really needs it. Seeing seats occupied by bags is becoming a common sight on public transport these days and this should not be the way. Don't place your belongings on the seat beside you… By doing this, you are essentially taking up ONE SEAT and is unacceptable particularly if the bus/train is crowded. Be considerate of fellow commuters and do the right thing!

Go on, do your part in showing some kindness while travelling on public transport! 🥰

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